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“Real” Wood Floors

Posted in Uncategorized on November 16, 2010 by woodboys

One of the most common misconceptions with engineered wood floors is that they are not “real” wood flooring.  And most people confuse laminate flooring with engineered not knowing the difference.  Here at Woodboys, we only sell wood flooring, solid and engineered.  Laminate is melamine-infused paper on top with a wood chip composite on bottom. Solid hardwood is one single piece of real wood, from top to bottom. Engineered wood is also real wood. It is layers of unfinished plywood on the bottom with a layer of finished wood on top. So, what you’re looking at is 100% genuine wood all the way through.  These layers also make engineered wood a more stable flooring product that will be less susceptible to movement. Whatever species of solid wood flooring, there is an engineered equivalent.  From domestic woods like Oak and Hickory, to the more exotic Tigerwood or Acacia, your options are limitless.

The advantage of engineered wood flooring versus laminate is that many engineered wood products can be sanded after scratches and dents have developed.  The number of sandings of an engineered wood floor depends on the thickness of the wear or finish layer.  Manufacturers like Kahrs have a very significant wear layer that allows for at least 2 full sandings.

Unlike solid wood flooring, engineered wood has a range of installation methods.   You can nail down engineered floors to a plywood or OSB sub floor with ease.  They also can be glued down to a cement slab where nailing is not an option.  And finally, most engineered wood floors can be floated.  The final option is a great installation method for the novice.